My Background

As a pastor, professor and theologian, I currently work as the Assistant Director of Spiritual Formation at Baylor University’s Truett Seminary. I also teach theology, ethics and Christian spirituality classes, and I help coordinate a spiritual direction training program. Some of my writing can be found on this blog and website, and I’ll be finishing up my first book later this year, Globalization, Salvation and the Church: A Political Theology of the U.S.-Mexico Drug War, which will be published with Lexington-Fortress Press.

From 2014-17, I served as the associate pastor at Saint Peter’s Church in Charleston, SC. Before that, I was a lecturer of Christian ethics at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX. I’ve worked as a youth minister and college chaplain along the way too. I earned my bachelors and masters degrees from Baylor University and received my PhD in religion from Claremont Graduate University with a focus in philosophy of religion and theology.

During several summers throughout my many years in school, my wife Whitney and I embarked on a number of study abroad and immersion trips in Spain, Mexico and Argentina. These experiences were some of the most memorable and formative of my life. They also served as the inspiration for many of my academic interests in the politics of Latin America and the theological developments there in the last half century.

Outside of my academic work, I’m constantly asking what it means for Christians to be the church in today’s context. I’ve gone through several training programs in discipleship leadership and church planting recently that have helped me learn a lot about this. The world we live in continues to change at an accelerating pace, and there is great need for adaptation on the part of pastors and churches. I believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is relevant in all times and places, but the way it gets practiced and proclaimed must take on new forms.

Whitney and I have a son named Liam, born October of 2016, and we’re expecting our second in November of this year. I get on the water and the ski slopes as often as I can. I’m a wannabe musician and fluent Spanish-speaker, and my favorite hobby while living in South Carolina and whenever I make it to the beach was paddle surfing. Now that I’m in Waco, I’m continuing to work on my disc golf game and discovering new running trails in Cameron Park. You can reach me by email at or follow me on twitter at @bwalkeriii.