Ananias and Sapphira (7.22.18)

Easter: Suffering and Salvation (04.30.17)

Palm Sunday (4.9.17)

Following Jesus: Distractions to Silence and Solitude (3.19.17)

Following Jesus: Invitation to Silence and Solitude (3.12.17)

Following Jesus in Community (2.12.17)

Passion for God’s Mission (12.11.16)

The Prodigal Son and Bringing Ourselves before God (11.27.16)

The Persistent Widow: Faith and Prayer in the Storm (10.16.16)

Spiritual Poverty? The Rich Man and Lazarus (09.26.16)

Invitation: What Difference does the Christian Faith Make? (09.04.16)

David and the Psalms: David’s Worship (08.14.16)

David and Prayer: Asking and Hearing God (07.24.16)

David and Goliath: Self Confidence vs. Gospel Courage (07.03.16)

Where is the Authority? (05.29.16)

The Ascension of Jesus (05.08.16)

The remaining links below are now broken, but these sermons can still be found in text form on the blog.

Jesus on the Cross: Thirst on his Mind (03.13.16)

Confession (01.24.16)

Journey to the Manger: the Wise Men  (01.01.16)

Journey to the Manger: Joseph (12.13.15)

Advent: Zechariah (11.29.15)

What will You Do with What God has Given You? (11.15.15)

Participating in the Divine Life (10.11.15)

Barriers to Christian Community (09.06.15)

Waking Up to God’s Story (07.26.15)

Holiness and Embodiment (07.19.15)

Nicodemus and Life in the Spirit (05.31.15)

Kindness (03.22.15)

Proclaiming the Message (02.08.15)

Knowing the Darkness, Receiving the Light (12.14.14)

Generosity and Stewardship (10.19.14)

Moved by God Incarnate (09.28.14)

Acts: Mind, Body, Heart (08.03.14)