Interview with Todd Littleton:

Beauty may Liberate us from the Cul-de-sac


The Ridley Institute Lectures:

Christian Revelation: Where has God Spoken to Us?



Sunday Morning Forums:

Introduction to Christian Spirituality and the Enneagram

Jesus in the Gospel of John

Christ and Culture


University Classroom Lectures:

“What is Liberation Theology?” (Claremont McKenna College, Fall 2011)

Images of Jesus

Three Kinds of Faith

Reading the Bible

Story Theology

Sin (Part 1)

Sin (Part 2): True Self/False Self

Revelation (Part 1)

Revelation (Part 2)

Salvation (Part 1)

Salvation (Part 2)

Theodicy (video)


Introducing Christian Ethics

Greek Philosophical Ethics

Interpretation of Scripture: Four Tasks

Ethics and Hebrew Scriptures

God in Person: New Testament Ethics (Part 1)

God in Person: New Testament Ethics (Part 2)

Christ, Culture and Church History

Introduction to the Ethics of Globalization