In many cases catechesis is reduced to words rather than to ‘life,’ to discussions rather than to the pursuit of Christian living.  And here, perhaps, is the reason for the poor results, and still more, the reason for so much of the apathy and indifference among Christians today.  Teaching is ineffective because it is not life-centered; there is no life because there is no example; there is no example because empty words have taken the place of faith and charity . . . especially today, people no longer want to listen to sermons.  They want to see the Gospel in action. – From Letters from the Desert by Carlo Carretto

Two Prayers:

“I have already formed many habits of consuming and acting.  Guide me in aligning my personal priorities to conform to my awareness of a world hungry.  May my life-style become more compatible with our biosphere and supportive of people around the world.  Lord, help me choose a simpler life-style that promotes solidarit with the world’s poor, helps me appreciate nature more, affords greater opportunity to work together with my neighbors, reduces my use of limited resources, creates greater inner harmony, saves money, allows time for meditation and prayer, incites me to take political and social action.  May all my decisions about my style of life celebrate the joy of life that comes from loving you.  Amen.”  – From Visions of a World Hungry by Thomas G. Pettepiece

“If I pray God that all people might be inspired by me, I would find myself repentant at the door of every house.  I would rather pray that my heart be pure toward them than that I changed something in theirs.” – Amma Sarah